Are You Ready to Publish Your Kid's Book?

Nothing is better than holding your story in your hands and seeing the faces of children when you read it out loud for the first time .

But how do you finally get the 'Yes' from agents and editors?

Introducing the Writer's On-Submission Toolkit

The easy, step-by-step process of how to publish a kid's book to get you started today!

But who am I to teach you?

Hello! I’m Brooke Van Sickle and I’ll be helping you through this. I’ve been writing books for kids for 5 years now. After many hours attending conferences, reading every book I could find, and countless revisions, I finally have my first picture book coming out in the Winter of 2020 (And 2 more next year, too)! Which makes all that time worth it. 

However, for the first FOUR years, I told people I was going to be a writer, but I only ever wrote in the margins of time and treated my writing more like a hobby. (Do you ever do that? You REALLY want to publish a book, but for whatever reason, there never seems to be enough time to commit to it. Everything else seems to always get in the way, so you’re still left waiting?) #alwayswaiting

Well, I finally had enough. I couldn’t keep SAYING I wanted to be published. I actually NEEDED to want it to happen and I was determined to do whatever it takes to do so. This is why I decided to quit my job in 2018 and pursue a career in writing full-time. (Because where you put your focus in life matters!) 

But I know that’s an unrealistic step for 99% of us, which is why I created Journey to KidLit at the start of 2019; To help you understand the industry and know EXACTLY what steps you should take to start living your publishing dreams. Because every book deserves a place on a child’s bookshelf if you write it well enough.

Now, I’m teaching YOU everything that took me years to learn in WAY less time, so you don’t have to struggle the same way I did. Then we can both celebrate our new book releases.


Live your Dream Now - Get the Kit

Take a sneak peek at some of the content:

Know whether to submit to an agent or editor first.

Most writers have no idea which option to send to first -- and a lot waste time waiting because they don't know who's best for their story. But not you! When you get the kit, you'll know which option is best and why.

Know what it takes to write a good query.

There's a right and a wrong way to reach out to an editor or agent and that's through a good query. This most intimidating step in the publishing process is made easier with the toolkit! Use the simple formula and worksheets provided to help you draft a query that gets responses.

When you're ready, know how to find that agent for YOU!

A lot of these tips can be used for editors, but at some point in our careers, we will need an agent. (They're important for a reason -- you'll find out why in the kit!) When you're ready, you'll know how to pitch to them and who's going to be the best fit for your writing.

But that's not all!

Now that you’ve decided you WANT to publish a book, here’s what you can expect from this toolkit:

You'll know if your story is ready to submit.

You'll understand how to write a query letter and the components that make up the document.

You'll have started listing out agents or editors that you want to submit to.

You'll be able to understand the difference between a small and big publisher and which direction is right for you.

You'll also know how to tell if your query or manuscript isn't working and whether you need to revise before resubmitting.

Get the Course and all the Bonuses Today!

Plus You'll get all the BONUSES!

Your purchase of the toolkit comes complete with worksheets to help you:

  • Draft your Query Letter
  • Track all your submissions
  • Craft a Winning Twitter Pitch

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